Clay Graphite Crucible manufacturing From FS Graphite

Choose FS Graphite for top-quality clay graphite crucible manufacturer services. Our durable and reliable crucibles are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh chemical environments, making them ideal for melting and casting applications.

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Clay Graphite Crucible Manufacturing Service

The Most Complete Clay Crucible Manufacturing Category :Product Ready With 50+ Molds

Choose from a vast selection of over 50 sizes and shapes of melting crucibles with FS Graphite. Our range of clay crucible molds is suitable for both industrial and household melting requirements, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your furnace or kiln. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your melting needs. Opt for our extensive collection of melting crucibles and achieve exceptional results.

Press Forming
Spin Forming

Press Forming

Upper OD: 80~207MM
Bottom OD: 60~134MM
Height: 88~238MM

Spin Forming

Upper OD: 140~850MM
Bottom OD: 100~530MM
Height: 165~930MM

Generic Crucibles Sinking Profits? The FS Graphite Solution Will Keep You Afloat.

Are underperforming clay graphite crucibles sinking your productivity and profits? The solution may be simpler than you think. At FS Graphite, we provide customized crucibles engineered down to the last specification to match your exact needs. The result? Precision-crafted solutions that streamline your process, reduce costs and push quality and output to new heights.  

Custom Clay Graphite Crucible Service

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How We Serve you

tailored to your application

We cut no corners in materials or craftsmanship because your reputation and results depend on tools rigorously optimized for purpose. 

Analyze your market

We’ll do a deep dive into your competition — both as a business and within melting applications, specifically — to determine the best action plan.

Send you Solution

We will calculate and prepare an solution right for you, and we will arrange prototyping for your need.

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  • Foundry and casting industry: Used in foundries and casting facilities to melt and pour metals, such as aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron.
  • Metal fabrication and forging industry: Used in metal fabrication and forging processes to melt and shape metals, such as steel and copper.
  • Jewelry making and precious metal refining: Used in the production of jewelry and in the refining of precious metals, such as gold and silver.
  • Research and development: Used in research and development settings, where they may be used to melt and analyze various materials.

Stop wasting money and make the smart choice—Contact FS Graphite now for the affordable, high-performance solutions and expertise your operation demands. Together, let’s shape a more powerful future through tools, technology, and partnership. Your competitive advantage starts here.

Drive out inefficiency and boost capacity with FS Graphite

The only clay graphite crucible manufacturing specialist focused solely on custom quality and service. Our decades of experience mean we anticipate potential problems, resolve them in advance and provide technical advice to maximize your productivity over the long run. Partner with us for insights and solutions that go beyond any standard product, transforming your process from cost center into competitive edge.


While other companies promise value, FS Graphite proves it through custom options that outperform and outlast any generic alternative. We offer more than just crucibles—we offer mastery over materials, enhanced safety, faster and cleaner pours, and support to push productivity to its peak. 

Custom Design

Our expert engineers and designers can work with customers from the concept stage to finalize fully customized graphite component designs. Whether modifying an existing design or starting from scratch, we ensure the design is optimized for the application.

Quick Turnaround Times

With our efficient manufacturing processes and on-site machining capabilities, we can usually deliver prototype or low-volume production orders within 2 weeks. For higher volume production, we work diligently to minimize lead times and get customers' orders out the door quickly.

Quality Assurance Testing

All graphite parts are put through rigorous quality assurance testing either in-house or by third-party testing facilities. This includes dimensional verification, material property validation, and performance testing to certify components meet design specifications and application requirements.

30 + Years Graphite Machining Excellence

Transforming Crucibles, Transforming Companies: A Glimpse at Our Impact  

We’ve cut costs, streamlined our foundry and boosted annual output by over 15%.

"As a leading aluminum foundry, we need clay graphite crucibles tailored to handle our high-volume, high-temperature operations. FS Graphite developed customized solutions ideal for our specific alloys and casting processes. Their technical expertise ensured we got the proper materials, sizes and shapes to maximize productivity, reduce waste and extend crucible life. With FS Graphite as our manufacturing partner, we’ve cut costs, streamlined our foundry and boosted annual output by over 15%."

30 + Years
Graphite Machining Excellence

FS Graphite’s responsiveness and support have made them invaluable to our future.

"For brass foundries seeking a competitive edge, FS Graphite delivers. They provided our 80-year-old company with uniquely engineered crucibles to optimize a process that hadn’t changed in decades. The insights and custom tools they developed revolutionized our operations, making pours faster, safer, cleaner and more efficient. FS Graphite’s responsiveness and support have made them invaluable to our future. Their clay graphite crucibles and knowledge are enabling innovations that will keep our business thriving for generations to come."

30 + Years
Graphite Machining Excellence

FAQs About Clay Graphite Crucible Manufacturing

What Is Clay Graphite Crucible?

A clay graphite crucible is a high-performance, refractory container that is widely used for the melting and casting of various types of metals, such as gold, silver, brass, and bronze. This specific type of crucible is highly favored within the metallurgical industry due to its remarkable properties and qualities that make it suitable for use in processes involving high temperatures and thermal stability. Clay graphite crucibles consist of a mixture of graphite and clay, giving them a unique balance of strength, durability, and resistance to thermal shock.

One of the most notable characteristics of clay graphite crucibles is their high thermal conductivity, which enables the contents to be heated evenly and consistently without the risk of temperature fluctuations or thermal strain on the crucible walls. Their high heat resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures make them ideal for use in furnaces and other hot environments.

Moreover, the graphite component provides good lubricating properties while also enhancing the overall strength of the crucible. Another advantage of using clay graphite crucibles is their excellent corrosion resistance, which safeguards the integrity of the metal being melted and prevents the risk of contamination during the casting process. This is particularly important when working with precious metals like gold, as it ensures the purity and high quality of the final product. In addition to these key attributes, clay graphite crucibles are known for their ease of use and adaptability.

Since they are available in various shapes and sizes, they can cater to a wide range of applications across different industries. Their low maintenance requirements, coupled with their capacity to last for many melting cycles, make clay graphite crucibles a cost-effective and efficient solution for anyone seeking a reliable and high-performance crucible for metal melting and casting.

Differences between clay crucibles and silicon carbide crucibles

Clay graphite crucibles and silicon carbide (SiC) crucibles are two common options for industrial metal melting, but have some key differences. Clay graphite crucibles are probably the most widely used and inexpensive type. They are made of graphite that is bonded together using clay and a filler material, then fired at high temperatures. The clay and graphite used provide refractoriness and stability, allowing these crucibles to withstand up to 3500°F. However, they may require frequent recoating to prevent oxidation. 

SiC crucibles are more durable and thermally conductive. They are made from silicon carbide, a dense ceramic material, and can handle temperatures over 4000°F without issue. SiC also has a very high density, so it produces a thinner crucible wall. This means SiC crucibles typically have a higher volume capacity for their size. Though more expensive, SiC crucibles usually have a longer service life and require less maintenance. The material is non-porous and non-reactive so it won’t contaminate melts. This makes SiC ideal when high purity, quality products are required.

While SiC crucibles offer certain advantages for demanding applications, clay graphite crucibles provide an affordable, suitable solution for many foundry and metal melting needs. And when optimized for purpose, their performance can rival or even exceed that of SiC options. At FS Graphite, we specialize in engineering custom clay graphite crucibles tailored to maximize efficiency and output for individual processes. 

If you need clay graphite or SiC crucibles for your industrial operations, choose FS Graphite. We have the expertise to determine which material and design is right for your specific application and requirements. Then we can configure the perfect crucible solution to resolve any issues, reduce costs, and boost productivity over the long run through a proven approach: quality materials, precision engineering, and partnership. Contact us today to learn how the right crucible choice makes all the difference in metal melting.

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