Graphite Sagger Manufacturing For Battery Sintering

FS Graphite is one of the leading graphite sagger manufacturers in the world. Our products are made for withstand intense temperatures and resist corrosion for extended periods of time.our high-quality graphite saggers will stand up to frequent use without breaking down quickly.
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your trusted supplier for top-quality customize sagger manufacturing 

At FS Graphite, we take pride in offering comprehensive services tailored to fit your specific needs. We specialize in the production of a wide range of graphite saggers for various types of batteries, including Li-ion batteries, NiMH batteries, and more. All our products are made with extreme care and attention to detail, guaranteeing superior craftsmanship that you can trust. We offer a wide range of customisable options so you can create exactly what you need for each application, as well as competitive pricing structures no matter the size of the order. 
Our custom sagger manufacturing services include:
  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Density customization
  • Logo engraving

For more information about our services or if you have any questions regarding our custom capabilities – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

They love our graphite saggers
With our high durability and reliability, you can trust us to provide the best solutions for your needs.

FS Graphite has been a trusted partner in helping us create custom graphite sagger solutions for our semiconductor industry. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality have been invaluable in ensuring that our products are of the highest standards. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership.

Project Manager
Semiconductor Company

We recently partnered with FS Graphite for the production of our custom graphite sagger needs. From start to finish, their team was highly attentive and responsive throughout the entire process. The craftsmanship we received far exceeded our expectations and we would recommend them without hesitation.

Manufacturing Company

graphite materials Capacity and ability

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in china, our service is the ideal choice for businesses looking to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and performance. Our industrial-grade carbon materials offer superior durability and heat resistance, making them perfect for a variety of applications.With our advanced processes and machinery, we are able to produce high quality sagger components with precision and accuracy, securing optimal performance in all environments. By working closely with customers throughout the entire process, we are able to guarantee that each product meets their individual demand while providing excellent value. We also offer custom solutions based on customer specifications so they can get exactly what they looking for when they want it. With our graphite manufacturing service, you can be sure you're getting the best product available on the market today!

Custom Sizes

Unlimited application solutions from universal conventional sizes to customer-specific special sizes.

Tight Tolerances

Our full range of finishing machines brings low error and consistent quality products.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

The family-owned 4 factories allow flexible allocation of capacity and ensure quality.

Introduction of high purity sagger and our produce’s advantage

Graphite saggers, graphite boats, and troughs are widely used for lots of things: sintering battery powder materials, forming precious metal ingots, heating and sintering electronics, high temperature liquid containers in laboratories, etc.

High temperature and corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and uniform high temperature dissipation make it an excellent industrial high temperature heating vessel. The products are available in sizes ranging from 10mm to 1000mm depending on the demands of different customers.

Here’s what makes our graphite products stand out.

1. Ensures thermal stability: Special treatment assures product quality under rapid temperature changes.

2. Resistance to erosion: The material’s uniform structure delays erosion.

3. Defiance to impact: High thermal shock strength, so the process can be done safely.

4. Acid defiance: Adding special materials improves the physical properties of the material, provides excellent acid resistant, and extends its service life.

5. Thermal conductivity: The high content of fixed carbon secures superior thermal conductivity, shortens the dissolution time, and saves energy.

6. Composition control: Strict composition control keeps contamination to a minimum.

7. Stability: Uniform isostatic forming’s production technology and quality control system make it more stable.

Formulation and pressing method of graphite made sagger

Sintering saggers require high density, high carbon content, low ash content, and high flexural and compressive strength for negative electrode materials.

FS Graphite’s sagger formula can meet the following requirements:

Density: 1.75

Carbon content : 99.9

Folding resistance: 30 MPa

Compression resistance : 80 MPa

There’s nothing complicated about pressing.

This process requires a 1,000-ton hydraulic press, a split mold, graphite powder, asphalt, cellulose, binder, catalyst, and more.

1. Mix high purity graphite powder (400 mesh), asphalt powder (200 mesh), ketone-based binder, and cellulose in a ratio of 100 to 15 to 6 to 5, stir well, and then heat. 

2. Into the press for molding, demoulding, then drying. After drying, the hardness can reach 40.

3. Put into asphalt impregnation tank, impregnation temperature 220 degrees, first negative pressure for an hour, then pressurized 10 MPa for an hour, scrape off asphalt solution residue, roast graphitization, add graphitization catalyst, so roasting and graphitization are done at the same time.

A temperature of 200 degrees is used to carbonize cellulose, and then a temperature of 300 degrees so that asphalt enters the coking phase, and then a temperature of 1600 degrees is used to activate the graphitization catalyst, so that low-temperature graphitization commences, the mantle is generally 10 mm thick, and it takes up to 30 hours to kindle the graphitization process, and then a temperature of 300 degrees is used to shrink the material in a 4-5% range. 

There will be a reduction in size, an increase in density, a reduction in resistance, an increase in bending and compression, and improved mechanical properties.

Welcome to contact us for free if you are looking for professional high purity graphite sagger manufacturers. We offer after-sales services and can customize according to customer’s needs. Buy from FS Graphite with confidence!

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