Graphite Crucible Manufacturing Service From FS Graphite

When you are in industries like metallurgy, foundry, machinery, chemical, graphite crucible is used for melting non-ferrous metals and their alloys. With FS Graphite's graphite crucible manufacturing service, you can get a customized and cost-effective solution for your melting needs.

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Manufacturing Categories

FS Graphite now produce two kinds of graphite crucible: High purity machined graphite crucibles and traditional graphite clay crucibles.If you have other material requirements you can also contact us to manufacture.

  • Clay graphite crucible
  • High Purity graphite crucible
  • silicon carbide crucible

Clay Graphite Crucible

Made of graphite powder mixed with clay and other binder oxidation resistant materials, made by rotational molding process.

High Purity Graphite Crucible

high purity graphite crucible

The carbon content is generally greater than 99.9%. It is machined and turned from pure graphite material.For cutting-edge industries such as research and aerospace.

Silicon Graphite Crucible

silicon carbide crucible

It’s generally made of carbon bonded silicon and graphite materials, suitable for smelting and melting precious metals, base metals and other metals in an induction furnace.

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Graphite Crucible Production Service
For Diverse Melting Applications

Get everything you need (and nothing you don’t) with FS Graphite’s graphite crucible manufacturing services, which offer a full-service solution to your casting needs.

Custom Graphite Crucible Service

Starting At
$2 / PC

How We Serve you

Discuss your business goals

We’ll learn about what you are hoping to achieve for you applications.

Analyze your market

We’ll do a deep dive into your competition — both as a business and within melting applications, specifically — to determine the best action plan.

Send you Solution

We will calculate and prepare an solution right for you, and we will arrange prototyping for your need.

    For Diverse Industries

  • Foundry and casting industry: Used in foundries and casting facilities to melt and pour metals, such as aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron.
  • Metal fabrication and forging industry: Used in metal fabrication and forging processes to melt and shape metals, such as steel and copper.
  • Jewelry making and precious metal refining: Used in the production of jewelry and in the refining of precious metals, such as gold and silver.
  • Glass production: Used in the production of glass, particularly for melting and shaping the glass.
  • Semiconductor industry: Used in the production of semiconductors, as they can withstand the high temperatures and corrosive materials used in the process.
  • Research and development: Used in research and development settings, where they may be used to melt and analyze various materials.
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Discover the Benefits of Partnering
with FS Graphite for Your Graphite Needs.

FS Graphite's crucibles are an excellent choice for smelting operations due to their high thermal conductivity, which allows for efficient and uniform heating of materials. In addition, FS Graphite offers good technical support and competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking for a reliable crucible supplier.

Precision Machining

FS Graphite has CNC machines with precision accurate to within two-thousandths of an inch. This level of precision machining allows us to manufacture complex graphite parts to very tight tolerances to meet customers' demanding application requirements.

Custom Design

Our expert engineers and designers can work with customers from the concept stage to finalize fully customized graphite component designs. Whether modifying an existing design or starting from scratch, we ensure the design is optimized for the application.

Quick Turnaround Times

With our efficient manufacturing processes and on-site machining capabilities, we can usually deliver prototype or low-volume production orders within 2 weeks. For higher volume production, we work diligently to minimize lead times and get customers' orders out the door quickly.

Quality Assurance Testing

All graphite parts are put through rigorous quality assurance testing either in-house or by third-party testing facilities. This includes dimensional verification, material property validation, and performance testing to certify components meet design specifications and application requirements.

30 + Years Graphite Machining Excellence

They love our premium
raw materials made graphite products

FS Graphite deliver to foundry high-quality crucibles to ensure their melting and casting processes run smoothly.

"I am the owner of a small jewelry business and have been using FS Graphite's graphite crucibles for the past year. They have proven to be quality products and reliable, and I have had no issues with them breaking or cracking during the melting process. The customer service at FS Graphite is also top-notch, and I have always received prompt and helpful assistance whenever I have had questions or needed to place an order. I highly recommend FS Graphite for anyone in the jewelry industry."

FS Graphite offer graphite crucibles for client used in jewelry casting industry.

"As the manager of a large foundry, we rely on high-quality crucibles to ensure that our melting and casting processes run smoothly. FS Graphite has consistently delivered on this front, providing us with durable and long-lasting crucibles that have held up well under the intense heat and pressure of our operations. We have also appreciated the excellent customer service and prompt turnaround times when placing orders. I highly recommend FS Graphite to any foundry or casting facility."

30 + Years
Graphite Machining Excellence

Full service graphite crucible manufacturing

fs graphite favicon

FS Graphite

  • Expertise and rigorous standards to provide top-notch and full line graphite crucibles.
  • Deliveries are up to 2 times faster than competitors with a full line of processing machinery and geographic advantages.
  • Core origin of graphite raw material, An established supply chain ensures optimal pricing.
  • Pre-sales and after-sales services, as well as professional development consulting services.

Trading Company

  • Not manufacturers themselves, the quality of the product can be unpredictable and inconsistent.
  • Delivery can be delayed due to additional steps in the supply chain.
  • The total cost often ends up higher due to hidden fees and charges.
  • Professional service and quick response, but limited by professional knowledge can not solve the problem in depth.

Typical Manufacturer

  • Consistent quality, but mainly from developing countries and only basic traditional clay crucibles produced.
  • Longer lead times require stockpiling materials and more labor involved in manufacturing.
  • Relatively low prices, but also long lead times due to production conditions.
  • Inefficient supply chain and lack of specialized knowledge, resulting in possible issues with communication and responsiveness.

FAQs About Graphite Crucible Manufacturing

Differences Between Machined Graphite Crucible And Clay Crucible

High purity graphite crucibles, also known as machined graphite crucibles, are highly sought after because they are corrosion-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant, and don’t react with production materials. There are a few differences between high purity graphite crucibles and clay-bonded crucibles.

Production methods and formulations are different. In general, high-purity graphite crucibles are made by CNC machines and contain more than 95% graphite, whereas clay crucibles are made by mixing graphite powder and clay or other materials. Because the graphite content is low, they can’t be called graphite crucibles, but they’re called clay crucibles.

Colors are different. Pure graphite crucibles are black and metallic, and since they’re made from graphite, they have all the graphite properties; clay crucibles are grayish-brown, have no metallic luster, and have a coarse surface. Clay crucibles are coated with moisture-proof lacquer if they are black.

 There’s a difference in how it’s used. For clay graphite crucibles, charcoal fires are used at room temperature, while electric furnaces are suitable for pure graphite crucibles.

Costs aren’t the same. Pure graphite crucibles are about – times more expensive than clay melting crucibles.

Use of Graphite Crucible In Metal Melting

Graphite crucibles are commonly used in metal melting due to their high-density, good thermal conductivity, and resistance to chemical corrosion. They are an excellent choice for melting and refining a wide range of metals, including gold and other precious metals, and are mainly used in foundries and casting facilities. The pressure forming and machining methods can be used to make graphite crucibles to specific shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Graphite crucibles are also resistant to chemical corrosion, making them a good choice for melting and refining metals that are mixed with other elements or compounds, such as petroleum coke. The good thermal conductivity of graphite helps to ensure high-quality melting by evenly distributing heat throughout the crucible.

Get high purity graphite crucible manufacturing service from expert: FS Graphite

Are you looking for a reliable graphite crucible manufacturer to help with your business needs? Look no further than FS Graphite. We are experts in manufacturing high-purity graphite products, and have been doing so for many years. Our experienced sales team can provide assistance and guidance throughout the process and ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services.

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