Venture Windfall – 100 Billion Market, Lithium Battery Recycling Treatment Project

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With the growing sales of new energy vehicles, power batteries are being retired on a…

Battery shell sorting, crushing, screening, oxygen-poor cracking of positive and negative pieces, grinding and powdering removal of positive and negative pieces are done with waste lithium battery recycling equipment. Copper and aluminum particles on both positive and negative pieces, copper and aluminum separation of positive and negative pieces, and other mature processes are used to regenerate and recycle retired power batteries.

In 2021, the short supply of raw materials for power batteries led to a continuous rise in prices, forcing the market to get serious about lithium battery recycling. According to industry estimates, this market will be worth 100 billion.

If you want to recycle lithium batteries, you’ll need lithium battery recycling processing equipment. During the discharge process, the production line goes through precrushing, fine crushing, size screening, airflow sorting, magnetic separation, specific gravity sorting. A comprehensive recovery rate of up to 99% or more can be achieved with lithium powder, graphite powder, diaphragm, copper, aluminum, iron, etc. Currently, it’s the most common way to dispose of power lithium batteries.

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